What is that? And does it really work?


This has been called a “game changer”

TikTok is full of hacks ranging from beauty and photo editing to getting money on your Uber ride and now this latest hack may be the best yet as it promises to dramatically improve your life. sexual – that’s the pillow hack.

Earlier this week, sex education specialist TikToker Sassy Red shared a video highlighting the benefits of having pillow sex. One TikTok user called it a “game changer” another said he “loves it” and one person even said they find sex painful without using a pillow.

@ sassyrededu2How many of you have used a pillow to go down the stairs? ## fyp シ ## Objectives of the relationship ##Tips and tricks ## sassyrededuЗвук для твоих переходов – awlesia

If you’ve never heard of it before, just place a pillow under the woman’s pelvis to increase the pleasure. But does it really work?

The Tab spoke to an online sex toy retailer UberKinky ‘Resident sex expert Ruby for her take on this viral trick and she thinks it’s incredibly beneficial 👀.

So does the TikTok pillow hack work?

Ruby told The Tab that this hack is not a new invention, but has been around for ages and can greatly improve sex life.

She said, “This ‘hack’ is nothing new; in fact, it has been around for years. Pillows are the perfect sex tool and can be used just about anywhere your body needs a little extra support. But placing one under your hips can make some positions a little more … * chef’s kiss *. “

Ruby suggests using a pillow especially during missionary positions or when lying on your back.

Why does it work so well?

Everyone on TikTok is talking about the benefits, but what’s the science of the job?

Ruby says the position allows the pelvis to tilt upwards and therefore allows more access to the G-spot.

She said: “Putting a pillow underneath just tilts the pelvis forward, allowing the vaginal canal to straighten out, making it easier to access the G-spot and allowing the penis / dildo to stimulate the anterior vagina. you can touch over 8,000 nerve endings that live around the vagina.

What if this isn’t the game changer everyone is saying?

Sex positions, techniques, or toys aren’t for everyone, and Ruby stresses the importance of finding what works for you.

She said, “If this ‘hack’ works for you, then that’s fantastic, but it might not work for everyone, and you shouldn’t be forcing it to work either. What feels good for one person may be totally different for another. Just find what works for you and have lots of fun in the process.

“Sex is about trying different things with a supportive and open partner – it’s the best kind of sex! So focus on that, not what the internet is saying. “

If Sassy Red’s TikTok comments are anything to go by, then I’m not looking for a pillow.

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