What You Need to Know About New California Cantaloupe Buying Tips


In the past, many of us have relied on standard cantaloupe selection advice — like looking for a cream color, not green, and sniffing it to check for a sweet smell — when trying to find a ripe melon at the store. or greenmarket (via Deliciously). But according to California cantaloupe growers, many of those guidelines are now obsolete, as farmers have developed new, more sustainable cantaloupes whose ripeness can be checked in a variety of ways.

In a press release, the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board, which represents the state’s fruit growers, told the melon buying public that globally, a majority of cantaloupe farmers are planting new varieties that have a longer shelf life. These melons, which according to the press release were developed with traditional cross-pollination methods and which are not genetically modified, are selected in order to help reduce food waste, as they last longer in supermarkets and in your refrigerator.

“Plant breeders are constantly working to improve cantaloupe varieties to give you the best possible dining experience,” Garrett Patricio of California melon supplier Westside Produce wrote in the release. “These new varieties are bred to be sweeter and have firmer flesh, which means they last longer on store shelves and in people’s fridges. This means they can help people stretch their food budget and less food ends up in the trash.”


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