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The cost of everything seems to be going up right now, and we’re all watching our budgets. But there are smart ways to save a few bucks, and then there’s the false economy. This week, we explore where to save and where to spend — your wardrobe today, with tips from inclusive stylist Mo Doy.

With so many clothing options available to us – and online advertisements constantly urging us to buy clothes we don’t need (or to be honest, even want!) – it’s the perfect time to take stock of what you have in your wardrobe and spend your money more wisely. This is what I’m saving on this winter and where I risk splurging.

Save: Loungewear

While I love the idea of ​​lounging head-to-toe in a matching cashmere ensemble, my lifestyle over the past two years has called for versatile clothes that I can wear for school runs, a casual meeting or a coffee with friends. .

The Moke sweatpants are my favorite for this – they fit close to the body, have nice deep pockets and a super stretchy waistband for the perfect transition to the couch. They are also available for sizes XS-4XL – and the charcoal color is on sale!

Try: Moke ‘Livy’ Track Pants, $74 (on sale from $105)

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Splurge: Knits

Classic cozy knit is no longer just utilitarian, but also luxurious. Good knitting will last you a lifetime; look for colors that make you feel like you’re in the sun to protect you from the cold and natural fibers to keep you warm. Avoid 100% acrylic which will look worn after just a few uses.

Local brand Ruby’s ‘Kenzie’ wool/cashmere sweater not only wears well, it looks just as chic and casual over jeans or a satin dress. It comes in multiple colors (I may have bought two…) and is a generous fit. Perfection. Available in sizes 6-20 (I’m a size 18 and wear a 16).

Try: Ruby ‘Kenzie’ Sweater, $269

Save: trendy jewelry

Jewelry trends are changing rapidly: chunky jewelry has given way to fine jewelry, and now we’re back to chunky pieces. In my opinion, the bigger the better!

You can find great pieces in surprising places, like this big $4 chain from Kmart that looks as good as some of its much more expensive competitors.

Try: Kmart Double Link Chain Necklace, $4 (on sale, was $7)

Splurge: Boots

A fabulous pair of boots will make any outfit pop and keep your feet dry and comfortable this winter. It’s a great way to start moving away from traditional black – a metallic boot will go with anything, but there are some amazing bright options available too. Just be prepared to receive shoe compliments all day long.

I recently added this stunning green pair from Australian brand Obus to my wardrobe, it was worth saving!

Try: Obus ‘Time Again’ boots, around $475 (on sale)

Save: “special occasion” clothing

I’m a big believer in price per garment – and I also believe that every day is a special occasion! But if you’re not one for that sparkly dress you wore to a work dinner two years ago, think again about how you divide your clothing budget. The things that cost you the most also have to be worn the most to pay you back.

Splurge: Coats

In winter, your coat becomes your outfit. Keep it simple underneath and let your coat do the talking – and show off your personality!

This year I bought a fabulous short fur coat from Coop by Trelise Cooper in pink and green checks and I can’t help but feel like a rock star in it. I bought size L – I’m about a size 18.

Try: Coop ‘Hit The Road’ Jacket, $349

Save: comfortable period underwear

There are some great period brands out there, but I have to say I really enjoyed Bonds Period underwear, and at around $25, they replace tampons in no time. They are available in sizes 6 to 24 in really cute prints.

Try: Bonds ‘Bloody Comfy’ Period Underwear, $27

My favorite high waisted underwear is from Jockey, for $17 a pair, but it’s not just the price that makes them affordable, it’s how many times you can wear them – they LAST, which for such soft bamboo fabric is a feat of modernity. engineering. Keep them out of the dryer, and they’ll still last you twice as long.

Try: Jockey Woman ‘Everyday Comfort’ Bamboo Full Briefs, $17

Save: Makeup

I love makeup, but I don’t like the fuss of having so much that I can’t find my trusty liquid eyeliner at a glance. I too prefer to spend money on clothes!

So imagine my delight when I discovered Essence makeup at The Warehouse. It works as well as my expensive makeup at a fraction of the price – $7.50 for a mascara, and the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used at $11, versus my designer version which is $58. Cruelty-free and wallet-friendly, it’s a winner.

Splurge: A great bag

The shoulder bag has become a wardrobe staple. It is functional, it has just enough space and above all it leaves your hands free.

There are plenty of budget-friendly options, but in my opinion, the shoulder bag is ready to be reinvented, and the stunning texture of the Mi Piaci “Puff” shoulder bag nails it. The perfect way to elevate every outfit you own.

Try: Mi Piaci ‘Puff’ Shoulder Bag, $280


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