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Hacks is one of those series that rely on two things to be successful: sharp writing and strong stars (who deserve a spot on HBO’s funniest characters list). It’s a series populated by men and women who all try to be successful both personally and professionally, often with very different results than they anticipated.

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Not all of the characters are particularly likable, but they all have understandable and realistic motivations, and looking at them through the prism of the zodiac gives a better understanding of why they take the actions they do and why they behave in certain ways.

12 Aries – Kayla

Kayla in a scene from Hacks

Kayla is, to say the least, an agent of chaos, constantly causing trouble for her employer Jimmy. Like most Aries, Kayla is very self-confident, even though, technically speaking, she hasn’t accomplished anything on her own merits, instead relying on her father’s wealth and position. She is also brutally, sometimes tactless, honest, which causes Jimmy several major headaches. Despite all of this, she has the Aries ability to cast a spell on people, and it’s impossible not to love her.

11 Taurus – Jimmy

Kayla and Jimmy in Hacks

If Kayla has the traits of an Aries, Jimmy is truly a Taurus, with a balanced approach and outlook on life. This often puts him in conflict with others – including Kayla, Ava, and Deborah – who are much more volatile and changeable than he is. However, it is precisely his sensitive approach to issues and his work that makes him an ideal manager for these other more volatile personalities. The fact that he’s played by Paul W. Downs makes him all the more compelling.


ten Gemini – DJ Vance

DJ Vance in Hacks

In some ways, DJ Vance is the most tragic of the characters on the show, as she is always pulled in two different directions. Part of this is because she exhibits many Gemini traits, which are always divided in nature. In her case, this is most evident in her dynamic with her mother, as while at times she seems to genuinely love Deborah, to others she seems to blame her for her fame and success. Kaitlyn Olson imbues this character with surprising depth, making her one of Olson’s strongest performances.

9 Cancer – Ava Daniels

While Deborah is the main focus of the series, Ava is also a main character with her own motivations, dreams, and aspirations. And, like Deborah, she also has her flaws, and many of them can be attributed to her Cancer nature. Like many others in this sign, she tends to be indulgent with herself, often prioritizing her immediate emotional needs over those of others.

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While she can’t be blamed for every bad thing that happens to her, her impulsiveness is more often than not to blame for her woes.

8 Lion – Deborah Vance

Deborah at her dressing table

It’s a well-known fact that Leos love to be the center of the universe, and that certainly applies to Deborah Vance. From the moment she appears, Deborah Vance shows that she is a magnetic personality, the kind of person who is determined to succeed no matter the odds. It turns out that his fiery, passionate, and driven personality is precisely what enables him to succeed in a profession dominated by men and often very hostile to women trying to be successful. Unsurprisingly, the role is often considered one of Jean Smart’s best.

seven Virgo – Marcus

Marcus is Deborah’s personal assistant, and in some ways their personalities are diametrically opposed. While she has all of Leo’s impulsiveness, Marcus is much more detail-oriented and rational. It often pits them against each other, but there’s no doubt that Deborah would never have been able to achieve what she has if she hadn’t had the energy of the rational and meticulous Virgo of Marcus to help her stay grounded in this stage of his career.

6 Libra – Nina

Jane Adams as Nina in Hacks

Although she only appears in a handful of episodes, Ava’s mother Nina nonetheless leaves an impression, and it’s clear that she exhibits many signs of Libra. More than anything else, she wants Ava, in essence, to act like she’s happy, and it feels like, like many other people born under this sign, the thing she wants most from the world. including his daughter is for some sort of balance, although it is not a very achievable goal.

5 Scorpio – Marty Ghilain

Marty is one of those people who clearly has a very upset relationship with Deborah, and for his part Vance doesn’t seem able to decide if she loves him or hates him. He has a bit of an edge, like most Scorpios, and he also has a particular sex appeal that Deborah finds unappealing. Unfortunately, he also has the ruthless trait common to Scorpios, which causes him to break his heart.

4 Sagittarius – Wilson

Marcus and Wilson in Hacks

There are few signs as fun as Sagittarius, and they are also very empathetic and understanding. Although he begins the series as the man who comes to berate Deborah for using too much water, he ends up forming a relationship with Marcus, and he soon shows that he cares deeply about her love interest. More than anything else, he wants Marcus to assert himself and care for his own emotional health, which is what is expected of a Sagittarius.

3 Capricorn – Marcus

Marcus with his feet in the pool on Hacks

While Marcus exhibits many traits of Virgo, they also show signs of being a Capricorn. Time and time again, they show that they have a lot of self-discipline and that they are sort of workaholics too. The flip side of this dynamic, however, is that they also show that they have a bit of trouble with personal relationships, preferring to put their professional obligations – including those related to Deborah and her career – to their flourishing career with Wilson. .

2 Aquarius – Kiki

Kiki in a scene from Hacks

Kiki is one of those slightly mysterious characters, which is what makes her so compelling. She’s Deborah’s personal blackjack dealer, but the show doesn’t give too much information about her, which suits Aquarius, one of the zodiac’s most mysterious signs.

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It is clear, however, that she is a lot of fun and befriends Ava, giving the young woman one of the few working relationships in her life.

1 Pisces – DJ Vance

Deborah and DJ chat in Hacks

Even though she is primarily a Gemini, DJ also shows off some of the characteristic Pisces traits, especially when it comes to her emotions. Like others born under this sign, she has a tendency to let her emotions guide her actions, even though, on some level, she knows better (mainly because her mother tells her to). And, like many other Pisces, she also has a stubborn tendency that causes her to stick with a course of action, far beyond the point where it clearly isn’t working.

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