Who is in Series 4 and who does he play?


Good Karma Hospital is back for series four on ITV tonight (Sunday January 22).

And, as always, the medical drama has plenty of wholesome and emotional storylines planned for the series.

But who is in the cast and who does he play?

Amanda is back at The Good Karma Hospital (Credit: ITV)

The Cast of Good Karma Hospital: Amanda Redman as Dr. Lydia Fonseca

Fiercely passionate, often outspoken, Lydia is the driving force behind Good Karma Hospital.

In the fourth series, we will discover more about this complex woman as she revisits her past.

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Early in the series, Lydia locks horns with local politician Hira Grover over the “irresponsible” decision to allow a child infected with the highly contagious Nipah virus into the hospital.

Lydia’s journey on the show sees her confidence tested.

Amanda plays Lydia and is best known for her role in the BBC One crime drama New Tricks.

She was married to actor Robert Glenister until they separated in 1992. They have one daughter, Emily.

Who is part of the cast of series 4 of The Good Karma Hospital?
Amrita at Good Karma Hospital. (ITV)

The Cast of Good Karma Hospital: Amrita Acharia as Dr. Ruby Walker

While in India, Ruby thrived at Good Karma Hospital, helping hundreds of patients.

In this series, Ruby will have the life-changing experience of caring for her dying father, a step that will force her to reevaluate her priorities and crystallize what she wants out of her own life.

The series begins with Ruby feeling abandoned, following Gabriel’s shock departure and she is angry.

While on the road, Ruby meets fellow British doctor Samir Hasan and stops to help fix his car.

Samir accidentally damages Ruby’s motorcycle, when it backs up and Ruby forces him to take her to the patient she was assigned to see – a sick girl from the locality.

Amrita, 34, became a global star thanks to her role as Irri in Game of Thrones. She also starred in ITV’s chilling thriller The Sister in 2020.

Who is part of the cast of series 4 of The Good Karma Hospital?
Neil plays Greg (Credit: ITV)

The cast of The Good Karma Hospital: Neil Morrissey as Greg McConnell

Greg is furious and intervenes when local thugs bully a young neurodiverse British birdwatcher named Bobby.

Events escalate and our beloved bartender soon faces assault charges.

Greg and Lydia’s relationship hits a stumbling block with Lydia’s story rearing its head.

Actor Neil is a well-known face of British television.

He’s starred in movies like Men Behaving Badly, but most recently Line of Duty and The Syndicate.

Who is part of the cast of series 4 of The Good Karma Hospital?
Nimmi plays nurse Mari (Credit: ITV)

The cast of The Good Karma Hospital: Nimmi Harasgama as nurse Mari Rodriguez

Mari has always been a dedicated, professional and reliable pair of hands that keeps the hospital running smoothly.

In series four, Mari risks her own life to help Ruby and Samir try to save the life of the young girl who has succumbed to the virus sweeping through the hospital.

Mari works closely with Samir and is secretly overwhelmed by this force of nature. Could there be love on the cards?

Nimmi, born in Sri Lanka, also starred in the BBC daytime drama Doctors.

Who is part of the cast of series 4 of The Good Karma Hospital?
Harki as Samir (Credit: ITV)

Harki Bhambra as Dr. Samir Hasan

The big news for the fourth series is the introduction of Dr. Samir Hasan, an Asian Muslim British doctor who brings the energy.

Back in the UK, Samir has been in India for a short time when we meet him, via Ruby.

Mari and Samir bond and soon his own past is revealed.

Fans will recognize Harki for his time as Rab in Our Girl and as Ajay Dewan in Corrie.

Who is part of the cast of series 4 of The Good Karma Hospital?
Rebecca as Niki (Credit: ITV)

Rebecca Ablack as Dr. Nikita ‘Niki’ Sharma

The daughter of a successful private surgeon, who thinks Niki needs a dose of real life working in a community hospital under the tutelage of her good Ram.

Niki is elegant, organized and very confident.

The question is, will this budding dermatologist, destined for a life of obeying the whims of wealthy women, find a home at Good Karma Hospital?

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Who is part of the cast of series 4 of The Good Karma Hospital?
Raquel as Frankie (Credit: ITV)

Raquel Cassidy as Frankie Martin

Frankie is Bobby’s single parent.

Together they came to India together so that Bobby could watch the country’s birds in their natural habitat.

Bobby is neurodiverse and protective – mom Frankie can’t help but fly over him.

The boy desperately wants more independence, but Frankie doesn’t feel ready.

Yet she also knows that Bobby must be able to fend for himself. Will Frankie clip Bobby’s wings or let her son fly into the nest?

Raquel, 53, starred in series six of Downton Abbey as Baxter.

Who is part of the cast of series 4 of The Good Karma Hospital?
Connor as Bobby (Credit: ITV)

Connor Catchpole as Bobby Martin

Bobby Martin has had a passion for wildlife since childhood and especially birds.

He took photographs of all British birds.

When he mentioned a trip to India to see the birds in Kerala, Frankie called his bluff – they might come to India if Bobby paid for his own ticket. To his surprise, Bobby got a job at the local Poundstore and saved up.

Afterwards, Bobby is on a mission to prove to Frankie that he can live independently.

Ace Bhatti as Jules Fonseca

Jules Fonseca is charming, manipulative, capricious and exudes power.

Above all, he enjoys playing mind games and winning them, no matter the cost.

Jules met Lydia at medical school in the UK and a passionate affair ensued. He encouraged Lydia to emigrate to his home in Kerala, where she fell in love with the country as quickly as she did Jules.

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However, she soon began to see behind her facade and realized she was being controlled. Unable to possess Lydia to the degree Jules would have preferred, a resentful Jules began an affair.

Ace, 52, is a well-known face on British television.

He recently starred in series six of Line of Duty as the ambiguous PCC Rohan Sindwhani, and is also known for playing Yusef Khan in EastEnders between 2010 and 2011.

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