Who is Jack Featherington and is he getting married in Bridgerton?


Quality time with the Bridgertons…boy, we missed it.

Netflix delivered so many beloved shows during the 2010s, from stranger things for Money theft.

However, for fans of period dramas, one title stands out above the rest. Of course, we’re talking about Bridgerton.

Created by Chris Van Dusen and based on the bestselling novels by Julia Quinn, the series premiered in 2020 and invited audiences into the world of high society Regency London.

Season 2 hit Netflix on Friday, March 25, 2022 for another eight episodes, ushering in a new character. So who is Jack Featherington and is he getting married?



Who is Jack Featherington in Bridgerton?

Jack Featherington (played by Rupert Young) is the heir to the Featherington estate and a cousin of Lord Featherington.

He travels to London from America to preside over the estate, leaving behind his ruby ​​mining business; although there will be more on this later. He attempts to balance the family accounts after the Lord’s reckless spending.

However, her arrival encourages the women of Featherington to wonder if their future at the estate is secure. Meanwhile, Jack has eyes for Cressida Cowpe but Lady Featherington eventually hatches a plan to reunite him with Prudence, her cousin.

Eventually, Jack’s truth is revealed…

Bridgerton | Official Season 2 Trailer | netflix

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Bridgerton | Official Season 2 Trailer | netflix






Who is Jack Featherington marrying?

Jack doesn’t marry anyone because it is revealed that he is actually an impostor.

He tells Lady Featherington that he does not own profitable ruby ​​mines and that his plan is to marry to earn money.

Aware that many want to invest in the ruby ​​mines, he and Lady Featherington decide to scam them to inject some serious money into the family. So they send Prudence to a wedding wearing a fake to trick potential investors.

Unfortunately for Jack, Colin discovers the truth and Jack hatches a plan to return to America with the money already secured.

Yet Lady Featherington essentially tricks the others into thinking she was a victim of Jack’s scheme and they forge her signature to ensure that Prudence’s son will inherit the estate in her absence.

Is Jack Featherington familiar?

You may find the 43-year-old actor familiar for a number of reasons.

He has already shown his talents in the likes of The secret garden (Marcus) and Writers Retreat (Alisdair), while television work includes Merlin (Mr Leon), Doctor Who (Roman), and people do nothing (Joshua).

Bridgerton Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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