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WINDBER, Pa .– A local patroller who worked 20 years ago as a zoning and codes officer at Windber is returning to the borough to become its next warden.

As a Codes Officer, Animal Control Officer, Housing Rehabilitation Specialist for the Town of Johnstown – and now as a Stonycreek Township Police Officer – Ron Allison has spent much of his career to work to make communities better and safer, he said. .

He said he was excited to use his experience to help move Windber forward.

“Getting this job at Windber is kind of like closing the loop for me,” said Allison, who worked as a building and codes officer at Windber from the late 1990s to the early 2000s.

“I consider myself a good candidate for whatever they need, and I will give them 100%,” he said. “If something goes wrong and I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it.”

Council approved Allison as the next Warden for the Windber Borough in a unanimous vote this week. He will earn $ 23,412 over the next year at the part-time position.

Allison will replace Jim Furmanchik, a retired Peoples Natural Gas operations supervisor and longtime Windber city councilor who has spent the past five years as head of the borough. For the past two and a half years, Furmanchik has worked part-time and remotely after moving to Ohio to be closer to his family.

At that time, the borough focused on enforcing building codes and codes as part of a larger effort to combat the scourge, bringing in Anson Bloom as a building officer. and full time codes. This will allow Allison to focus on the day-to-day needs of the borough while Bloom continues to monitor code compliance, said board chairman Mike Bryan.

Allison will be working in the borough, not remotely – and council members said they hope to have him on board this month so he can acclimatize while Furmanchik is available to offer advice.

Like Furmanchik, he will have scheduled office hours two days a week, Bryan said.

Allison is also a United States Army Reserve veteran who began her career in the trades as an apprentice electrician.

Bryan said Allison was frank and honest during the interview process, and it was obvious he was “the right fit” for the job. He knows the borough and his knowledge of codes is a plus, said Bryan.

Allison said he plans to meet with board members soon to discuss their goals and priorities for the future.

“I’m ready to help them get to where they want to see Windber go,” he said.

Allison will also continue to work as a Stonycreek Township Police Officer.

He will join Windber as the borough council could add up to three new members.

Election results on Friday showed former city councilor Pete LaMonaca and Richard Rummel Jr. will join winning incumbents Doug Ledney and Joseph Pallo for a four-year term in January. Written results indicated that Mark Portante was the vote winner for a two-year seat vacated by Pino Gallina earlier in the year.

Somerset County Chief Electoral Officer Tina Pritts said her office will officially contact Portante to confirm whether they are willing to take the job.


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