Women swear by a 13p kitchen item for a ‘streak-free’ fake tan


A woman has taken to Facebook to share a fake tanning hack that impressed her so much she vowed to ‘never use a glove again’ – and other members of the group guarantee it works

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The fake tan does more than give you that “I spent two weeks in an exotic place” glow. It also saves you valuable time in the morning and instantly lifts your complexion.

But if only it weren’t so hard to be right…

Well now your streak-free tan prayers have been answered, because apparently the secret is hiding in your kitchen cupboard.

A beauty lover stumbled across the Facebook hack and was so impressed with the results that she boldly claimed she would ‘never use a glove again’, Manchester Evening News reports.

The woman shared the hack in the Make-Up Tips and Tricks for Women Over 40 group on Facebook, where she wrote, “So I saw a tip on another Facebook group about applying a fake tan with a latex glove instead of the usual tanning glove.

It’s supposed to give you a “streak-free” tan


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“Just to let you know I tried it and couldn’t be happier with the results!! Streak-free, even tanned. I will never use a glove again!”

Her post was quickly flooded with replies from women who found the same thing.

One person said, “I’ve done it this way for years. I couldn’t bring myself to try the glove on even though they kept sending me one.”

Another wrote: “This is the only way I’ve done it. I feel like it’s easier to tell where I applied it and how much.”

A third added: “Been doing this for 20 years. Then smooth makeup sponge for my hands and fingers. Perfect results every time!”

“That’s how I do it!” Great, even coverage every time! another user commented.

While someone else said, “I’ve been applying mine with a latex glove for a few years, I like the way it goes on.”

The hack was put to the test by the Hondrou Twins on TikTok ( @hondroutwinsofficial ) in a video that has since racked up 18.7 million views.

In the clip, the creator compared the results you get when tanning with a mitt or with latex gloves – and you can see there’s a huge difference.

She starts by putting fake tan on her legs – using a glove for one leg and a latex glove for the other.

While the latex glove leg looks streak free, the mitt leg looks a bit uneven and was harder to blend.

Viewers were quick to point out how “flawless” he looked with the glove on.

ASDA sells a pack of 20 disposable latex gloves for £2.63, which works out to around 13p each, but you can also buy them cheaper from other stores like Home Bargains or B&M.

Try it for yourself and let us know in the comments what you think.

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