YouTuber McCreamy Has YouTube Account Hacked By Crypto Scammers


It looks like more YouTube accounts of all flavors are facing crypto-scam issues, including McCreamy.

McCreamy is a New Zealand-based gaming YouTuber with nearly 8 million subscribers, best known for his gaming and comedy videos, mostly related to Fortnite. Yesterday McCreamy tweeted that his YouTube account had been hacked, tagging the YouTube team for help.

Instead of McCreamy’s account appearing on YouTube, users would see “Tesla Live” and a single live stream of a Bitcoin-related discussion between Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood and Steve Lee. The only thing is, it’s not just McCreamy’s account that this happened, as last year we reported on Digital Foundry dealing with the exact same thing. But wait, there’s more!

Browsing YouTube’s “live” category and simply searching for “Elon Musk” produces many, many, many channels all broadcasting the exact same discussion. Some of these channels have had their names and profile pictures changed, some of them have only had their names changed, and some have had none of that and are just streaming the live stream to an account that clearly has no interest in Musky or Bitcoin.

Kiwi YouTuber McCreamy's account was hacked by crypto scammersKiwi YouTuber McCreamy's account was hacked by crypto scammers

Some of these channels have thousands of subscribers, and some of them only have hundreds. Some of them publish semi-regularly, and some of them have been inactive for years. With channels that still have content available (many of them, including McCreamy, have simply had their channel content erased or entirely private) you can see that their content has next to nothing to do with the livestream .

Kiwi YouTuber McCreamy's account was hacked by crypto scammersKiwi YouTuber McCreamy's account was hacked by crypto scammers

What we could also see here was that with the channels that had their account names changed, they were either something like Tesla, like Tesla INC, Tesla [LIVE] or in McCreamy’s case, simply Tesla Live. Another variant, however, is ARK Invest, which is the investment company that hosted this discussion in July 2021.

While McCreamy appears to be the biggest YouTube channel to be hacked by these scammers, he’s certainly not the first. More recently, NME reported in May that the YouTube channel of AOMG, a South Korean record label, had this exactly the same thing happens with the exact same live stream playing. Previously, Dexerto reported that the YouTube account of Reckful, a Twitch streamer who died in July 2020, was hacked and was also used to livestream a bitcoin scam in April.

The same also happened to another gaming YouTuber known as Vermax, who luckily was able to recover his account and made a video explaining what happened to him.

At the time of writing, it appears McCreamy’s account has been returned to him, as the profile picture and name have been changed and his original description and links to his social media have returned. Given that this has been happening for a while now on YouTube, along with the countless crypto scam hacks of celebrity accounts on Twitter, you would think these big companies would find a way to fight this now!

australia has reached out to YouTube for comment and will update this article if/when we hear.


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